Wagmi connector

Unlock Advanced Features with Tweed’s Wagmi Connector: Simplified Integration and Enhanced Security for Web3 Developers

Tweed’s new Wagmi Connector makes it easier for developers using Wagmi to integrate Tweed’s Wallet-as-a-Service solution. Wagmi, a robust toolkit, empowers developers with an open source collection of React Hooks that make it easier to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. With modular APIs, automatic type safety, and comprehensive documentation, Wagmi delivers an unparalleled experience in building Ethereum applications.

The synergy between Wagmi and Tweed is a game-changer for Web3 devs building on Ethereum. Tweed helps developers open up their applications through easy and secure web2 user onboarding. With advanced, self-custodial key management, companies can open up wallets for users behind the scenes, ensuring secure and compliant user ownership and an easy onboarding process. Tweed's wallet-as-a-service SDK encrypts private keys with secrets such as Google Single Sign On, simplifying wallet recovery without the need for a 12-word seed phrase. Users can access wallets and switch devices seamlessly through straightforward login methods, and key decryption occurs locally for enhanced security.

Wagmi developers can also take advantage of Tweed’s versatile authentication, streamlining the process by enabling users to connect their MetaMask wallets or utilize WalletConnect out of the box, and eliminating the need for multiple configurations. With everything under one roof, Tweedy enhances the user experience but also simplifies the integration of Wagmi. Developers can also unlock more features and products provided by Tweed such as the NFT and In-Platform Token Checkout, offering fiat payment methods for buyers and flexible settlement options for sellers.

To integrate, developers can view our Github and run the Wagmi Connector example

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