Elevate Your Platform with Tweed's Revolutionary Wallet-as-a-Service

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Embedded Wallets | WaaS

Discover the ultimate Wallet-as-a-Service solution with Tweed, designed to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge Web3 functionality into your Web2 applications. Our platform empowers developers with a secure, user-friendly self-custodial wallet system that simplifies onboarding and ensures unparalleled security and compliance.

Self-Custody, Ultimate Security

With Tweed, users hold the keys—literally. Our self-custody wallet ensures only the user has access to their private key, safeguarding their assets from unauthorized access by any third party, including Tweed itself. Experience peace of mind with maximum security and privacy.

Effortless and Secure Access

Tweed enhances security and user convenience with Google login integration. Users can easily access their wallets with their Google credentials, combining simplicity with robust security.

Seamless Integration for Developers

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple providers. Tweed’s WaaS comes integrated with our comprehensive authentication solution, offering developers a streamlined way to incorporate Web3 functionalities into their apps. Focus on innovation while we handle authentication and wallet management.

EVM Provider Compliance

Our Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) provider is EIP-1193 compliant, ensuring smooth integration with popular Web3 tools like wagmi and EthersJS. Tweed simplifies the process of connecting your dApps, making development faster and more efficient.

Simplified Onboarding for Web2 Users

Tweed revolutionizes the onboarding process by embedding wallet creation directly into your platform. This makes it easy for Web2 users to start their Web3 journey without prior knowledge of blockchain technology, enhancing user engagement and retention.

White Label Customization

Tailor your platform’s experience with Tweed’s fully white-label and customizable WaaS solution. Maintain complete control over the user interface and user journey while ensuring global compliance from day one with our 100% self-custodial key management.

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