What Can Tweed Do?

Tweed's solution is best describe as a jigsaw puzzle with 4 technicals pillars: Wallets, Connectivity, Payments and Authentication

Incorporate self-custodial wallets into your dApp

All it takes to create a wallet is calling sdk.wallet.create(). You have full control over the UI/UX of your platform and how much detail of the wallet you want to show to your users - whether they are web2 users with little-to-no crypto knowledge or web3 natives.

Add a "Pay with Credit Card" option to your platform

Offer additional payment methods and open new revenue streams by adding a "Pay with Card" button and flow to your platform.

Login to Backend Resources

Tweed provides the most secure login mechanism that allows your users to log-in to your platform using their wallet, no need for an external log-in provider any more.

Multi-Chain support

Every Tweed wallet automatically supports all of the blockchains we support - meaning users can hold assets from all of these chains in one single wallet.

No need to add new lines of code for every new chain addition - live wallets are automatically updated with new chain additions!

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