Manage user authentication with functions such as connect, logout, and retrieve access token.

Connect Users

Use the connect() function to handle user sign-ups and sign-ins. When a user signs up, a wallet is created for them behind the scenes and becomes immediately available upon completion of the sign-up process. To modify the login options, simply visit the tweed.

connect ()
import { useAuth } from "@paytweed/core-react";

const { connect } = useAuth()


This method returns a Promise that resolves with a string representing oAuth access token

Logout users

To logout users from the application, call the logout function.

logout ()
import { useAuth } from "@paytweed/core-react";

const { logout } = useAuth()

Get user access token

Get the user access token (JWT)

import { useAuth } from "@paytweed/core-react";

const { accessToken } = useAuth()


This method returns a string represent the user JWT

Verify if the user is logged in

import { useAuth } from "@paytweed/core-react";

const { isAuthenticated } = useAuth()


This method returns true if the user is authenticated and false if they are not.

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