tweed javascript SDK

Fully compatible with JavaScript and TypeScript


Install by package manager, install the paytweed/core-js from the npm public registry.

npm i @paytweed/core-js


Ensure you have an application set up on the tweed dashboard

Import the TweedClient from the tweed core-js SDK initial using create() function. Use the from the management console.

import { Network, TweedClient } from "@paytweed/core-js";

const chains = [Network.ETHEREUM, Network.POLYGON];
const appId = "07a0835b-3c76-4572-8eae-66f347c1b77c";

const tweed = await TweedClient.create(appId, { chains });

Method parameters

  • REQUIRED string

  • options optional object optional array optional string optional object


This method returns a Promise that resolves with a string representing oAuth access token

Connect Users

Use the connect() function to handle user sign-ups and sign-ins. When a user signs up, a wallet is created for them behind the scenes and becomes immediately available upon completion of the sign-up process. To modify the login options, simply visit the tweed dashboard.

const accessToken = await client.connect();


This method returns a Promise that resolves with a string representing oAuth access token

Logout users

To logout users from the application, call the logout function.

await client.logout()

Ethereum Provider | EIP-1193

The Ethereum Provider acts as a bridge for Web3 libraries designed for EVM chains, such as EthersJS and Web3JS. For example, integrating Tweed with a dApp built using EthersJS is straightforward and requires only three lines of code. implements the chainChanged functionality to support the EVMs that are supported by the tweed infrastructure.

tweedProvider = await tweed.getEthereumProvider(Network.ETHEREUM_SEPOLIA);

Method parameters

  • REQUIRED string

Set palette mode

The tweed widgets SDK offers both dark and light modes. You can select which one to use with this function.

client.setPaletteMode((mode) =>
    mode === "light" ? "dark" : "light",

Method parameters

  • paletteMode REQUIRED "dark" | "light"

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