The Developer Console

Onboard and manage your NFT & Token collections in Tweed's UI

Tweed's Developer Console is your hub for managing your integration. Follow the links below to learn more about how to onboard yourself and what you can do within the console.

Developer Console Walkthrough

To get set up in the Developer Console, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in with Google SSO or Email/Password

Logging in will create your developer profile

Step 2: Enter your company details to access the Demo API Keys

To access your Demo API keys, you will need to fill out your company details. Your name, company name, and email address are required.

Step 3: Choose the way you want to get settled

Selling tokens requires you to get settled using fiat (money to your bank account) or crypto (crypto currency to your smart contract).

You can choose either Fiat settlement or Crypto Settlement:

  • Fiat Settlement: Click on "Payout" in the left navigation bar of the Developer Console. In this screen, you can create a payout account via Stripe to collect payments for your platform's collections.

  • Crypto settlement: You can skip the above step if you want to get crypto to your smart contract. You can get settled directly to you contract using the chain's native currency or any ERC20 tokens you'd like.

Setup steps can be found in Payout Setup.

Press "Next" below to see how to get API Keys before heading to Installation & Setup.

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