🎨Getting Started

Tweed SDK is a one-stop-shop for platforms building on Web3. You can offer Web3 features for your users and enable them to interact with on-chain assets!

For security and functionality reasons, the SDK is divided into two parts: backend and frontend.

The backend SDK is where the platform keeps its data and security layers, while the frontend SDK interacts with the user and their device.

Both parts of the SDK communicate with each other using a protocol-agnostic message bus to exchange information about the different requests and to authorize them. The message bus is all that is required to pass a message string between the two components.

The message bus can be implemented using any encapsulation method like REST, GraphQL, gRPC and WebSocket.

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Follow these steps to get set up:

1️pageGet your API Keys2️pageIntegrate Backend SDK3️pageIntegrate Frontend SDK4️pageOptional: Integrate Gaming or Web3 Bridges

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