1️Get your API Keys

Demo API Keys are automatically created when you create your developer account. Please contact us for Live API keys

Where to find your API Keys πŸ”‘

After logging in, you will see your API keys on the right-hand side of the Developer Console. See Developer Console for a comprehensive video walkthrough.

Demo API Keys

A Demo API Key and Demo API Secret are automatically populated upon filling the basic information in the account in the Developer Console.

The Demo API Key and Demo API Secret can be used to test the wallets integration NFT Checkout integration on the blockchain testnets we support. To learn how to integrate tokens checkout, head to NFT Checkout Integration.

Live API Keys

To go live with your integration, you will need to complete the steps in Payout Setup (in case of fiat settlement for tokens checkout). Once that is complete, please contact us.

To learn more about going Live, please contact us.

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