Embedded Wallets (WaaS)

Tweed's Embedded wallets is a true self custody wallet, owned and controlled only be the user of the wallet.

The wallet's lifecycle

Phase 1 - Headless wallet

Through Tweed's SDK, platforms can automatically spawn a self-custodial wallet on a user's device by using the sdk.wallet.create() function. The wallet opens without any interaction with the user, creating the smoothest onboarding experience possible.

With their new wallet, users can now interact with all kinds of on-chain features like Crypto, Tokens, NFTs, and dApps. The platform controls which features are exposed to the user, providing their own UI and user flows, and building open or closed environments.

This type of wallet is recoverable only using the wallet's mnemonic phrase, the platform can show it to the user using the sdk.wallet.showMnemonic()function. In case the user cleared his cache and did not save the wallet's phrase - the wallet is forever lost.

Phase 2 - Recoverable Wallet

Tweed's solution balances user experience and the independence of the platform while protecting user funds.

The platform can allow the user to configure a Recovery Kit, the recovery kit allow the wallet to be recovered using the user's Google SSO and a password. Once the user has a Recovery Kit, they never have to know their seed phrase.

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