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Intro & Features Overview

Add native wallet creation within your platform and deliver a seamless onboarding experience
Creating a self-custodial wallet is as easy as calling the SDK function create().
Embedding wallet creation into your platform makes onboarding Web2 users a breeze. Instead of requiring all users to have crypto wallets to engage with your ecosystem, Tweed enables you to create one for them, eliminating the need for familiarity with Web3 tools and technology.
With Tweed's fully white label and customizable Wallet as a Service solution, your platform retains control of the user interface and user journey. And with our 100% self-custodial key management, you can compliantly onboard users globally from day one.
Give users true ownership without sacrificing user experience: with Tweed's proprietary key management and social login-based recovery, users can switch devices and recover their wallets without a seed phrase.

With the create() function, a wallet is created without any UI component or notification!

Don't bother users with the nitty-gritty details of opening a crypto wallet
Say goodbye to seed phrases: add a Recovery Kit for a seamless experience

Wallet as a Service Features

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Fully Featured Wallets
Our SDK provides all the wallet features you need - show users their transactions, assets, and more
Self-Custodial Key Management
Users stay in control of their assets and their keys
Each wallet is automatically connected to all of the blockchains we support - both EVM and non-EVM
Worldwide Availability
We support platforms and users everywhere - excluding OFAC-sanctioned territories
Sponsored Gas Fees
Let Tweed cover the gas fees and settle with us later
Usage-based pricing
Pay for what you use and nothing more
Device Agnostic
Support your users on mobile and web
See Product Updates for the latest updates on new features