Recovery Kit with Social Login

Tweed's Recovery Kit gives users Web3 tech with Web2 UX: a self-custodial wallet that is easy to use, highly secure, and easy to recover.

Recover your crypto wallet with your social account, no seed phrase necessary!

Tweed wallets utilize social login so users never have to store a 12-word seed phrase (that, with many self-custodial wallet providers, is only shown once upon wallet creation) and risk losing access to their wallet forever.

Accessing your wallet on any device is easy with social login Users simply log into their social account after creating their wallet to link them together. A user can then recover their wallet or switch devices using their social account.

Optional Seed Phrases Although we recommend using the Recovery Kit, we also provide the option for you to show users their seed phrase upon wallet creation and save the seed phrase to their Google Drive. Read more about how to set this up at Optional Seed Phrases.

Most other wallet providers lack recovery - but not Tweed.

With most self-custodial wallets, if a user has opened a wallet and clears their cache, or wants to switch devices, before saving their mnemonic (or "seed") phrase, their wallet is lost forever.

This is where Tweed's Recovery Kit comes in.

To provide better security and usability, we provide the createRecovery() function. The Recovery Kit works in a 2FA scheme by securing the private key of the user with their social login (i.e. Google SSO) and a password of their choosing.

This is how Tweed bridges the gap between Web2 users and Web3 platforms.

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