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Intro & Features Overview

Accept fiat payments for NFT and Token purchases and offer a traditional e-commerce experience for Web2 users
With Tweed's Token Checkout, your platform can sell tokens (both fungible and non-fungible) without requiring users to be familiar with Web3, blockchain or crypto technology - or even own cryptocurrency. Instead, you can offer buyers a familiar e-commerce experience and let them pay with fiat currencies. Consumers can pay with their credit or debit card, or Apple Pay or Google Pay - Tweed handles the rest.
Tweed's proprietary smart contracts ensure tokens are minted and sent to the right wallet address. With multiple admin wallets connected to the smart contract, your collection is never at risk. Customers will always get their assets and you will always get paid - as simple as that.
Pair it with our Wallet as a Service solution and users don't even need a crypto wallet to purchase tokens or NFTs. Gone are the days of purchasing crypto, going through KYC, and understanding gas fees!

For Sellers

Free for Sellers
Sellers aren't charged integration or transaction fees - no minimums!
Plug & Play
Sellers can embed Tweed's widget or mini widget into their website or marketplace
One-Stop Shop
Use Tweed's Wallet solution to give users a fully Web2 experience
We Got You Covered
Tweed offers 100% chargeback coverage
Paid or Free Mints
Use NFT checkout for all mints, with no gas fees
Sell - And Sell Some More
97%+ authorization rate for NFT Checkout

For Buyers

Fully Fiat Purchases
Buyers don't have to purchase crypto or worry about gas fees
No Need to be a Crypto Geek
Buyers don't have to configure the chain the NFT is built on, or even know what blockchain is
Stay Put
No need to leave a website to download a wallet or purchase crypto
Secure Transactions
Secured payment details, and secure purchases
Easy, Breezy KYC
KYC is only required for purchases $10K and above
Gas Fees
Tweed handles gas fees for a seamless web2 experience
Minimal Cost
Buyers are charged 1.5% on top of processing fees
Platform Availability
Device agnostic - easily purchase NFTs on web or mobile

See Product Updates for the latest updates on new features!