Fiat Payout Setup

Demo or Live payout setup and paid in fiat or crypto.

You can receive the profits from your Tokens in fiat or with crypto payouts.

You can choose to get paid out in fiat or in crypto per Token, allowing you the flexibility to get paid out in a mixture of fiat and crypto across all of your Tokens.

If you'd like to get paid out in both fiat and in crypto, please follow the setup guides for both.

Payout Setup

In the Developer Console, you can edit payout information for Demo and Live setups.

This setup is for countries with daily fiat settlement, as indicated in Fiat Settlement Geographies. If your country does not have daily fiat settlement, please contact us through the Developer Console or at for the next steps.

  • Demo Payout setup creates a Demo Stripe account for testing purposes.

  • Live Payout setup is required to go live and get paid in fiat currencies for your tokens sales.

Payout Currency Selection

πŸ’° Get paid in Fiat

To get your Demo set up for fiat payout, please do the following:

Step 1: Make sure your company details are set up in the Account tab to get Demo API Keys.

The Demo API keys will automatically populate in the Developer Console once you submit your company details.

Step 2: Fill out your company details in the "Demo" tab in the Payout page and press "Submit."

Enter in your company name, phone, address, and email.

For VAT ID, please enter your company's Tax ID. Your company's Tax ID will be dependent on which country your company is registered to.

For "Who is the Merchant of Record":

  • Choose your company if you want your company to show up on the NFT buyer's card statement.

  • Choose Tweed if if you want Tweed to show up on the NFT buyer's card statement.

For "Who does the invoicing":

  • Choose your company if you want your company to show as the sender on NFT transaction receipts

  • Choose Tweed if you want Tweed to show as the sender on NFT transaction receipts

Press "Submit."

Step 3: Go through the Stripe setup flow to create a Demo Stripe account.

You will need to submit your Company Details, Tax ID, and personal information, so please have this ready.

Once you have pressed "Submit," it may take a minute for the Stripe account to show that it has been successfully setup in the Payout tab. Please refresh your page if you don't see it update.

Step 4: Use a demo payment method to complete a transaction.

You can find an extensive list of demo payment methods here:

Payout Frequency

πŸ’° Daily or Weekly in Fiat

We support daily fiat payouts for 36 countries, and weekly fiat payouts for all of the others.

To see which countries we support daily and weekly fiat payouts for, please see Fiat Settlement Geographies.

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