Payments Webhook

Webhook Integration

The Webhook integration is available to streamline the process of sending personalized emails or receipts to your users every time they make an NFT purchase. This feature can be utilized if the platform wants to handle invoicing, for collecting usage data or for any other usage.

Provide a webhook URL​

  1. Click on the Payout tab in the left pane of the Developer Console.

  2. In the Tokens tab, locate the Webhook integration section.

  3. Enter the URL where you want to receive the transaction details. This URL should be capable of handling incoming HTTP POST requests with 'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'

  4. The parameters will get sent to the webhook in the body of the POST

Generate authentication token​

  1. Click "Save" to save your Webhook URL.

  2. A unique authentication token will be generated for your Webhook integration. This token is essential for authenticating your Webhook requests and should be kept private.

Handle Incoming Webhook Requests​

  1. Your Webhook URL will receive https POST requests with transaction details every time an NFT purchase is made.

  2. Implement the necessary logic on your server to handle incoming requests. Validate the authenticity of the request using the authentication token provided.

The Webhook Payload​

  nftId: string
  blockchainId: string
  status: string
  price: number
  currency: string
  tokenAmount: number
  transactionHash: string
  requestId: string
  customerName: string

Security considerations

The webhook should be protected against unauthorized communication using:

  • Authentication token - Generated by the dev console

  • Origin - Will be always tweed backend server

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