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Whitelist Wallets and Emails

Control access to your NFT Collection or In-Platform Tokens through wallet and/or email address whitelisting.
You can make your NFTs or Tokens exclusively available to a select group of wallet and/or email addresses that you provide.
Only the wallet or email addresses you specify can purchase an NFT or Token from the collection on which whitelisting is enabled.

Add a Whitelist to an NFT Collection in the Developer Console

Step 1: Go to the Tokens page in the Developer Console
Click on the "Tokens" button on the left panel in the Developer Console.
Step 2: Follow the steps to add an NFT Collection or Token if you don't have one yet
Head to Managing NFT Collections for instructions on how to add a token.
Step 3: Click the drawing icon in the Whitelist column for the NFT collection or Token you want to add a whitelist for
Click the drawing icon (shown below) to open the modal where you can insert the addresses you want to whitelist.
Step 4: Add the wallet and/or email addresses you want to whitelist in the Whitelist modal for your NFT collection or Token
You can add wallets, emails, or a combination of both.
🚨 You must use the following format to list multiple addresses:
"address1", "address2", "address3"
Step 5: Click the toggle in the Whitelist column for the NFT collection or Token you want to turn on the whitelist for
When toggled on (shown below), only the addresses in the whitelist can purchase an NFT or Token from this NFT collection.
To turn off the whitelist, simply click the toggle again.
Once you've completed these steps, you've successfully set up a whitelist for your NFT Collection! 🎉
Last modified 2mo ago