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Find our fees for Wallet as a Service and NFT & Token Checkout below

Wallet as a Service

Tweed charges monthly, tiered fees based on Monthly Active Wallets. The more active wallets a platform has, the cheaper the service is on a per wallet basis.
An active wallet is defined as a wallet for which an API call is made within a given month. An active wallet can have an unlimited number of API calls per month.
Contact us for exact pricing details.

NFT & In-Platform Token Checkout

NFT & Token Checkout is free for platforms. Buyers are charged the fees below. Contact us if you would like your platform to absorb the fees instead.
Buyers pay 5% plus gas fees on top of the NFT price offered by the platform. This fee is included in the total NFT price presented to the buyer before they confirm the transaction. An extra fee of 1.5% processing fee will be added for international cards (non US).
5% (+1.5% international) covers card processing fees and Tweed's fee.
Gas fees are determined by the chain selection and can vary.